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Summer berries- delicious every which way

You can’t beat summer berries this time of year, and that’s EXACTLY what we sent our fantastic foodie curators to kick off the 2017 series of the A Team.

In our latest mystery produce box, Jo from Second Helping, Paola from Italy on my Mind, and for the first time ever, the lovely Cara from Gourmet Chick (as our guest contributor), received a bag absolutely packed full of round plump blueberries, gorgeous blackberries,  creamy Shaw River Buffalo Mozzarella, coconut chips and some zingy fresh mint.

And let us tell you, we couldn’t wait to see what they would come up with – and they most definitely did not disappoint!

For those of you who can’t stomach lactose, Paola’s incredible dairy free summer berry and coconut gelato will be a sure fire winner for you this summer.   The addition of coconut milk gives it an incredible creaminess.

For a summer twist on an old favourite,  Cara combined the berries and coconut to create a stunning mixed berry French toast- perfect for a lazy Sunday morning brunch.

Jo managed to create breakfast, lunch and dinner for you all to enjoy with some fantastic flavour medleys including blackberry and mountain pepper glazed lamb ribs and a gorgeous blackberry breakfast smoothie bowl.  Her blueberry and coconut brownies will be a must try for any sweet tooth and her sticky lamb ribs are perfect for any lunch or dinner.

Spruce up your salads with her delicious mint dressing and we’d be interested to hear how else you would use her blackberry salt.  The recipes are on their way- we promise!

Recipes featuring summer berries and more below! Enjoy:

berry swirl gelatoDairy-free coconut and berry swirl gelato recipe– Paola, Italy on my mind

Best French ToastFrench toast with sticky berry sauce recipe– Cara, Gourmet Chick

Blackberry saltBlackberry salt recipe– Jo, Second Helping

Recipe_MintDressingMint Salad dressing recipe– Jo, Second Helping

Recipe_BlueberryCoconutBrownieBlueberry coconut brownie recipe– Jo, Second Helping

Recipe_LambRibsBlackberry and mountain pepper glazed lamb ribs recipe– Jo, Second Helping

Blackberry breakfast smoothieBlackberry breakfast smoothie recipe – Jo, Second Helping

Mozzarella SaladMozzarella Salad recipe– Jo, Second Helping


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