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Prahan Market Honey now available!

We now have our very own Prahran Market honey harvest!

Grab your exclusive jar from Prahran Market Management Office, also on Level 1 (just opposite the bee hives) harvested from our very own Prahran Market beehives.

Cost: $30

Meet Our Bees on Level 1, we now have THREE hives!

Bees are a crucial part of the environment, playing a significant role in pollination.

They are responsible for pollinating about one-third of the food we consumer, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Bees collect pollen and nectar from flowers; they use the nectar to make honey in their hive and spread the pollen between flowers, helping the plants reproduce and create more flowers, which is essential for the environment and our food sources.

This process helps to maintain and enhance biodiversity, contributing to the health and stability of ecosystems.

In addition, bees also produce honey, which has been used for thousands of years by humans as a natural sweetener and medicine.

Some interesting facts about our bees:

  • Our bees have come from the Wombat State Forest in Bullengarook (near Gisborne).
  • There are approximately 25,000 bees in each of our hives and only one Queen per hive.
  • The bees will only come out to forage in warmer temperatures (above 14 degrees).
  • All three hives already have around 10 to 12kg of honey in them which will get them through the winter months.

Got a question? Check out our Market Bees FAQs