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Sourced and Seasoned: Chicken and Lemon Tagine

Friday 18th March 2022

With the arrival of autumn, we’re SO excited to welcome our new ‘Sourced & Seasoned’ contributor, recipe creator and food stylist, Renée Drochmann (@hungrybeargrazing). Renée’s treated us to a Moroccan-inspired recipe to start her autumn collection, creating a fragrant Chicken and Lemon Tagine with olives, pomegranate and feta.

Download your copy of the recipe here and learn a little more about Renée’s first autumn dish below.

Download the Chicken and Lemon Tagine recipe here

This fragrant Moroccan inspired chicken tagine is bustling with simple flavours and is sure to transport you straight to the streets of Morocco. It features a selection of fresh, seasonal ingredients, perfect for Autumn and perfect for the whole family! 

The bitterness of the lemons, paired with the saltiness of the olives will leave your taste buds in absolute delight. This was complemented seamlessly by the juicy chicken thighs, tangy feta and refreshing splashes of pomegranate seeds. The dish itself would be fitting on its own but a side never goes a stray, in my opinion this creation is best served with couscous or quinoa to help you soak up all those fragrant juices left over. 

A fun fact I learned whilst researching this dish, is that the Moroccan word “tagine” translates to “stew” – seems simple right? For me, the word stew is far too simple of a word to describe such a flavourful dish. Call it whatever you like, just be sure to share it with those you love. Happy cooking xx

Also, a big thanks to my friends at Prahran Market. This recipe features a few of my favorite growers/traders including; chicken thighs from Kevin’s Farm Fresh Poultry, velvet feta and salty olives from Naheda’s Choice and a beyond DELISH Moroccan spice mix from 53 Degrees East..just to name a few.

– Renée Drochmann
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