Jamie Oliver's Adventure at Prahran Market

Jamie Oliver, the charismatic celebrity chef, has graced Melbourne with his presence, delving into the vibrant food culture that the city has to offer while filming Season 16 of MasterChef. Like any food enthusiast, he couldn’t resist the allure of Prahran Market, a bustling haven for fresh produce, artisanal goods, and delectable treats.

His adventure began at the renowned G. McBean Family Butcher with his good mate Tobie Puttock. The butcher shop, recently renovated, has expanded its offerings to include a delightful selection of food items.

He couldn’t resist indulging in a hot porchetta roll. Renowned for its succulent and flavourful porchetta, this butcher shop has become a must-visit for locals and now, it seems, for international culinary icons like Jamie Oliver.

“That porchetta sandwich is worth going the wrong way round town to get.” Oliver told The Age Good Food Guide. Clearly, the culinary delights of Prahran Market are worth a detour for even the most seasoned chefs.

Oliver then made his way to Maker & Monger, a cheese shop that has become synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. Known for their decadent grilled cheese sandwiches, Maker & Monger was an irresistible stop for Oliver and his god-daughter.

While his god-daughter opted for a toasted cheese sandwich, Oliver couldn’t resist taking a bite himself. He confessed to The Age Good Food Guide, “I nearly stole the whole bloody thing.”

As Jamie continues to film MasterChef Season 16, his culinary adventures in Melbourne promise to inspire and tantalize the taste buds of audiences worldwide. Prahran Market, with its diverse offerings and warm ambiance, has undoubtedly left an impression on this culinary icon, adding another chapter to the city’s rich gastronomic story. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a casual food lover, a Sunday spent wandering the stalls of Prahran Market is a Sunday well spent.


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