Wicked Chocolate: Sunday 7th May 2017
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May Persimmons


Apples; royal gala, jonathan, golden delicious, red delicious, granny smith, fuji, braeburn and pink lady, avocado, chestnuts, cumquats, custard apples, feijoas, grapes; thompson seedless, kiwifruit, lemon, lime, mandarins, nashi pears, oranges, passionfruit, pawpaw, pears; buerre bosc pears, corella and packham, persimmons, pineapple, quince, tamarillo.

Featured Traders

Cheong’s Fruit and Vegetables
Damian Pike- Mushroom Man
F and J Fruiterers

May Cauliflowers


Artichoke, beanshoots, beetroot, bok choy, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage; Chinese and red, carrots, cauliflowers, celery, eggplant, fennel, leeks, lettuce, mushrooms, onion, parsley, parsnip, potato, pumpkin, shallots, silverbeet, spinach, swedes, sweetcorn, turnip, witlof.

Featured Traders

Russo’s Fruit Supply

May Tulips


Lissianthus, tulip, chrysanthemum.

Featured Traders

Clara’s Flowers
Flawless Flowers
Prahran Garden Centre

May Tiger Prawns

Fish and Seafood

Peak: Yellowfin bream, southern garfish, banded morwong, sea mullet, smooth oreodory, King george whiting, sand whiting, gould’s squid, king prawn, pacific oyster, tiger prawn , western rock lobster

Available: Atlantic salmon, Australian salmon, barramundi, blue-eye trevalla, blue grenadier, bream, trout, coral trout, dory, eel, emperor, flathead, flounder, murray cod, garfish, mackerel, tropical snapper, shark, yellowfin tuna, west Australian dhufish, school whiting, blue warehou, silver warehou, silver trevally, golden trevally, yabby, redclaw crayfish, marron crayfish, blue mussel, octopus, Eastern rocklobster, commercial scallop, Southern calamari, Northern calamari, tropical rock lobster, Southern rocklobster, saucer scallop, loligo squid, black tiger prawn, endeavour prawn, banana prawn, blacklip; abalone, greenlip; abalone, roe’s abalone, brownlip; abalone, Moreton Bay bug, sand crab, balmain bug, blue swimmers crab, giant crab, mud crab, spanner crab, Sydney rock oyster

Featured Traders

Claringbolds Quality Seafood
Prahran Seafoods