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Slow food by the A Team

Before you read on for potatoes, shrooms and onions, why not try this Piper Street Food Co Pork Pie recipe!

We’re approaching the coldest part of the year, and as the mercury continues to drop, so does our craving for slow food increase.

It’s as though our bodies are saying “sleep in, stay inside, slow down”… And that’s exactly what this month’s A-Team dishes encourage you to do.

Paola’s creamy mushroom soup takes advantage of an unseasonably long mushrooming run – courtesy of some glorious wild mushrooms from our own mushroom man (or “l’uomo dei funghi” as she calls him) Damian Pike.

The accompanying cipollini focaccia embraces the sweetness that these flattened onions reveal upon roasting – also something that Joanne manages to highlight in her cipollini and pine mushroom tart, topped with Pepe Saya’s rich creme fraiche.

All of these dishes are perfect for sharing, tearing and embracing as additions to your winter warmer recipe repertoire. Delicious!

Printable slow food recipes here:

Cipollini and pine mushroom tarte tatin– Jo Feehan, My Second Helping

Mushroom and potato soup– with Cipollini onion focaccia – Paola, Italy on my Mind



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