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The A-Team Activates

We are so lucky to have such a thriving community of Melbourne food bloggers and “digital communicators”  – and luckier still, that many of them choose to call Prahran Market home (after all, it is “the food lovers’” market!).

With such top-notch produce, creative cookery and talent at our fingertips, the penny dropped… Why not call in The A-Team!

Well, I say “The A-Team”, but they didn’t know they were members of the (Edible) Adventure squad just yet.

I collated a list of some of my favourite Melbourne food bloggers and recipe developers, and offered them a mission, should they choose to accept it: we send a mystery box of seasonal ingredients, you cook whatever you want! They all said yes, of course, because playing with ingredients is what they love to do (which is why they’re The A-Team)!

We’ll be featuring their recipes across the seasons, and you’ll be able to access them based on ingredients and even based on creators.

I’ve specifically chosen differing palates and approaches, so that if you’re a #cleaneater, you can start to get a collection together from someone like Camilla from The Alimental Sage  or, if you prefer Cucina Italiano, then Paola from Italy on My Mind might be more your flavour. Classic cookery with a twist is what Joanne from Second Helping will be dishing up, and you’ll get to meet more of the team as the months go on.

What will be consistent is that you’ll be able to source all of their ingredients from around the market, because that’s where they’ve gotten them too. And you’ll know that what you’re cooking is at its peak, which means dinner will always be delicious.

This month, The A-Team were given chocolate, Angelina and Blood Plums, plus some cucumbers (just in case someone wanted to stay savoury). It was their first box, so some wondered if they were supposed to use all three ingredients in the one dish… Unfortunately no-one gave this a shot, because I would’ve loved to have seen the result!


Click through the below links to reach the recipes.

White Chocolate Pannacotta with Roast Plums and a Ginger Crumb- Paola Bacchia – Italy On My Mind

Cucumber and Crab Salad– Joanne Feehan- Second Helping

Plum and Vanilla Yoghurt Muffins– Joanne Feehan- Second Helping

Plum and Dark Chocolate Torta– Camilla Ferraro- The Alimental Sage

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