Autumn Produce by the A Team

With pear, blue cheese, cauliflower and parsnip poking up at our A-Teamers from this month’s Autumn produce box, I knew we were in for a treat, and they surely delivered.

Blue cheese is a great accompaniment – both to sweet and savoury courses – like a whack of extra flavour with every crumbly morsel.

Camilla’s parsnip salad brings out the caramel notes of this humble root vegetable, which is so dainty at this time of year, that it doesn’t even need to be peeled before it’s baked.

Paola’s pear and blue cheese ravioli is a challenging combination for the seasoned dinner party host. Sure to surprise and delight.

Jo decided to go “all MasterChef” on us, by using as many of the ingredients in the recipes as humanly possible from her Autumn produce box.

Her blue cheese lamb kofte with cauliflower rice, parsnip chips and a pear and parsnip chutney sounds like something straight out of a Mystery Box challenge – one that she would no doubt have won for ingenuity and pluck.

Autumn is a gorgeous time of year for produce, and how lucky we are to have a market full of the country’s very best.

Pop in to collect the ingredients for these recipes, or create your very own, and don’t forget to tag us in on Instagram @prahranmarket – we’re part of the A-Team, after all.

Autumn produce recipes:


Honey thyme roasted parsnip with rocket, pear and blue Stilton– Camilla, the Alimental Sage

Cauliflower rice– Joanne Feehan, Second Helping

Blue Cheese Lamb Kofte– Joanne Feehan, Second Helping

Maple Parsnip Chips– Joanne Feehan, Second Helping

Roasted Cauliflower Salad– Joanne Feehan, Second Helping

Pear & Parsnip Chutney– Joanne Feehan, Second Helping

Ravioli con pera e gorgonzola (pear and blue cheese ravioli) – Paola, Italy on my mind




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