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Autumn Heroes with the A Team

As we strolled around the Market Halls, we couldn’t resist some of our most favourite of Autumn Favourites for an A Team Mystery Bag sendout, this month going to Iron Chef Shellie and Jo from Second Helping.

First in went Quince: lots to choose from around the Market in Autumn, and while we opted for some large dense Pineapple Quince grown locally in Gippsland – almost the size of a hand ! There are delicious smaller varieties too.

Chestnuts were a must, with their creamy flavour and texture. Although it’s hard to go past eating them freshly roasted out of the shell, the results from our A Team show just how versatile they are!

Autumn is the season for all things gourd, from pumpkin to squash and everything in between. We popped in the bag some lovely whole Acorn Squash to see what results they would turn up.

And would it even be Autumn without a deliciously hot cup of tea? We included in this month’s bag some lovely deep and mellow loose leaf Oosmanthus Oolong tea.

From morning to night and even snacks in-between, the team have come up with yet another fantastically tasty collection for you to try at home.

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