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A Guide to Jasper Coffee’s Brewing Methods

Make the perfect cuppa

There are so many ways to make a coffee but to make sure it’s a good cup every time, we’ve prepared this handy breakdown of Jasper Coffee’s brewing methods. This means the next time you’re ready for a cuppa, you’ll know exactly how to prepare the perfect brew. We’ve also added some of Jasper’s blends that go perfectly with the brewing method.

An AeroPress is a brewing device that submerges the coffee grounds in water, then uses light pressure to push the coffee through the filter. In as little as 20 seconds you’ll have a full flavoured coffee without any bitterness that can sometimes come with slower brewing methods, such as drip brewing.

Some great blends to use for this method include African Sanctus, Caffeine Club and Blend One.

The Chemex method involves a funky device that looks like it came straight from a science lab. Also known as coffee the chemist’s way, this gentle filtering process produces a clean, smooth coffee flavour and promotes that rich coffee aroma we all know and love.

Recommended blends: Birundi Kirundo Cafex, Caffeine Club and Blend Five.

Cold Drip
You have to be patient for this one! It takes 10 hours to drip cold water through ground coffee but when it creates such an intense flavour, you’ll be happy to wait. There’s also less bitterness and acidity than heat extracted coffee.

Recommended blends: Blend One, Two and Five are some great blends to use with this method.

Drip Filter
Using a drip filter to make the coffee is arguably the simplest of all the techniques. It requires a paper filter which the coffee is placed into. Hot water is then poured through it creating a drip-like effect. In short: coffee heaven. If you’re doing this at home, be sure to invest in good quality filters that won’t blend any flavours into the coffee you’re using.

Recommended blends: Burundi Kirundo Cafex, African Sanctus and Caffeine Club are all delicious using this method.

Espresso involves the careful combination of intense pressure and finely ground coffee. The result: a bold flavour concentration that really knocks your socks off.

There are plenty of coffee blends to suit this method but we love blends Four, Five and Six.

The plunger method is easy; simply stir, plunge and pour! Use freshly ground coffee for the perfect cup every time. To create a light flavour, plunge immediately but for a stronger brew, leave it to sit for a while.

We recommend using African Sanctus, Blend Two and Caffeine Club.

Stove Top
Also known as the Moka Pot method, stove top produces a rich coffee that can be enjoyed as a short black or a long black. Most people prefer to have this one without milk but we can confirm it’s pretty delicious with milk too – an all-rounder.

Recommended coffee blends for the Moka Pot are Caffeine Club, Blend Three and Billy Dunne.

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