New Orange Varieties, Wattleseed & Walnuts with the ATeam

If you’ve been feeling that your winter fruit and veg game is getting a little same-same, bookmark this month’s ATeam recipes for some tasty inspiration with new oranges, walnuts and wattleseed.

The Market recently welcomed with open arms a couple of new varieties of orange – Cara Cara and Dolce.  Both deliciously sweet and juicy, and the Cara Cara has a deep, almost ruby red flesh.  The ATeam got some of each in this month’s mystery bag.

We also popped in some new season Victorian Walnuts, native Wattleseed mix and some super luxe Callebaut chocolate.

What continues to wow us with the recipes that Iron Chef Shellie and Jo from Second Helping send through – aside from pure deliciousness of course – is the variety and creativity from the same set of ingredients. Just look at these latest offerings.

From salad to desserts and a little on the side, we now have some tasty ways to play with new orange varieties, some super quick and easy too.

The walnuts proved themselves pretty versatile (dip, anyone?) and we really have to give extra kudos for the cleverness with Wattleseed.  Using a native ingredient like Wattleseed can be a little daunting so this collection of recipes makes for a brilliant everyday introduction.  Enjoy!

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