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Keeping the Brothmance Alive

Tuesday 17th May 2016

Despite the occasional warm glitches in The Matrix, we’re firmly in the throngs of broth season. This can feel like quite the bore when you’re slurping it from your bowl on a daily basis, with little to no regard for texture or variety. But it doesn’t have to be that way with this easy broth recipe!  

Broth is a fabulous opportunity to let green stuff shine, as well as helping line your gut with great immunity boosting compounds and digestion support. 

Use it as a vehicle, by adding whatever fresh greens you have in the house, thinly sliced at the bottom of the bowl, then pour over boiling hot broth to gently heat the greens. Things like finely sliced snow peas, broccoli or kale would be perfect (and you can lightly steam anything particularly fibrous to help the process).

Boost up the umami factor by adding shiitake mushrooms, available fresh or dried (I recommend using the dried shiitake in cooking the broth, but fresh when servings).

Ultimately, think of your broth as a black tea base, and add whatever aromatics you darn well please. It’ll keep your tummy happy, and, most importantly, keep the brothmance alive.

Get Alice’s printable broth recipe: here

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