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5 Rhubarb Pairings to Try this Winter

Rhubarb is more versatile than you think!

Apple and rhubarb crumble might be your go-to dish during the colder months, but there is a stack of other ingredients this humble plant-based veggie can be enjoyed with too. See below for 5 different rhubarb pairings to try this winter… And guess what? They’re not all fruit!

Rose Water
If you’re looking for a tasty winter brekkie that’s going to make you eager to start your day, we suggest adding a drop or two of rose water to your stewed rhubarb before you pair it with your yoghurt and muesli. Rhubarb is rather acidic and needs to be paired with something fairly sweet to offset the flavour, and while honey might be the obvious choice, we think a little rose water adds something special.

Yes, believe it or not, rhubarb and alcohol can work really well together! Whether you make your own rhubarb cordial or cheat and buy your own, the flavour of the rhubarb really holds its own in a cocktail – a great option for winter if you’re wanting to highlight seasonal ingredients. Check out our recipe for a rhubarb cocktail here.

The sweet-but-tart flavour of rhubarb is great for cutting through the oiliness of lightly smoked salmon. We recommend incorporating rhubarb stalks into a salad for a quick and tasty mid-week meal. Just roast your rhubarb with a little honey (the sweetness of honey actually works to counteract the tart rhubarb flavour), add your rhubarb to a bed of your favourite lettuce leaves, finishing with a dash of olive oil and some balsamic vinegar. Toss to coat the leaves and top the salad with some goat’s cheese if you like too.

Swap out the apple sauce and add some rhubarb chutney for something a little different this winter. Paired with pork, a rhubarb sauce or chutney works to cut through the fat, allowing for a sweet and sour-like flavour that is guaranteed to impress. Check out this pork belly recipe teamed with rhubarb sauce here.

Rhubarb pairs particularly well with coconut because of its mild flavour. Enjoy the two in your favourite winter desserts such as warm coconut and rhubarb crumble or delicious coconut cheesecake with rhubarb sauce. The two also work really well in tarts, slices and cakes. The possibilities are endless!








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