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Sausage Fest Results

Friday 22nd of January saw the successful completion of our second ever Sausage Competition.

Nine Butchers and Poulterers battled it out to see who would be crowned the ultimate Sausage King/Queen, just in time for Australia Day.

Over 300 people tasted the sausages and over 200 votes were tallied.

And the winners of the 2016 Sausage Competition (AKA Sausage Fest) are…..

First place:

J & L Butchers:  Lamb Spinach and pinenut sausage

Second place:

John Cester’s Poultry and Game: Thai basil and chilli chicken

Third place:

Kevin’s Poultry: Chicken, herb and garlic!

Tried all the snags? Below are the sausage varieties that were on taste, who they were by and their blind tasting numbers!

Trader Sausage Variety Blind Tasting #


Kevin’s Poultry:


Chicken Herb and Garlic



J & L Butchers:


Lamb Spinach and pinenut





D & J Poultry:


Chicken and Vegetable





John Cester’s:



Thai, basil and chilli chicken




Ian’s Meats:



Irish Sausage




Hagen’s Organics:


Wagyu Snag





Neil’s Meats:


Pepper steak and shiraz





Gary’s Quality Meats:



Pork and Fennel




Arthur’s Quality Poultry:


Lemon and Oregano chicken




Now if you were privy to the event and watched BBQ extraordinaire Bob Hart demonstrating his technique on cooking sausages, we’re sure you learned a thing or two.  If not, check out Alice in Frame’s wrap up of last year’s  sausage competition including all the hints and tips for perfect sausages every time!

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