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From Passionfruit to Pandan

Friday 28th July 2017

Passionfruit, fresh pandan and coconut milk may sound like a recipe curator’s dream ingredient list.

But we know that our foodie friends Italy on my Mind, Iron Chef Shellie and Second Helping like things a little more challenging.

So when it came to finalising July’s mystery produce bag, we did what we do best and we threw in a few obscure ones – just to see what they’d do.

Freshly picked Gippsland carob pods were most definitely not appreciated (with the exception of Jo from Second Helping) and Iron Chef Shellie stated that the unique looking romanesco broccoli was too pretty to cook. And we kind of agree (seriously – have you seen how amazing they look?).

That said, all ingredients did end up being used and the recipes created are, as always, delicious!


Passionfruit to pandan to carob and more:

 Carob Bliss Balls Carob bliss ball by Second Helping 

Coconut chia Pudding Coconut chia pudding by Iron Chef Shellie 

Carob Powder Carob powder by Second Helping 

Romanesco salad Romanesco salad with tahini dressing by Second Helping 

Coconut pandan panna cotta Coconut, pandan panna cotta with passion-fruit syrup by Second Helping 

Romonesco broccoli with pasta Romanesco broccoli with pasta by Italy on my Mind

Passionfruit yoyos Passionfruit Yoyos by Iron Chef Shellie




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