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Special Day Gourmet Egg Recipes

Eggs. They’re an everyday ingredient and a versatile wonder food that we use for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts.

But while they’re a very staple ingredient, there are also some pretty special gourmet egg recipes that can be created using their different varieties.

In the market, we have access to quail, duck and even ostrich and emu eggs when they’re in-season.  Here are some interesting and inspiring hints, tips and recipes for cooking with them, on those special occasions.

Gourmet Egg Recipes:

The humble egg The ultimate guide to eggs by BBC Food

Gourmet egg recipes Mini smoked haddock Scotch quail eggs recipe by BBC Food

kookssouffle Giant cheese souffle by Jill Dupleix

Olive oil chocolate mousse Chocolate meringue by Donna Hay 

Truffled Egg Poached egg with truffle and Reggiano by Paul Wilson

Are you interested in some more humble egg recipes? Check out our ‘everyday egg recipe’ post, here.

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