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Explore different cultures and cuisines at Prahran Market

Prahran Market is a food lover’s market, but what makes it special is the representation of so many different cultures and cuisines. From delectable Greek sweets to tempting Turkish gozleme pastries, yummy Japanese dons and tasty Israeli falafel; there’s more than enough to keep your taste buds satisfied during your next Market shop. To get you started, we’ve compiled a guide to some of our fantastic eateries so you know exactly where to go when you feel like something a little special.

Sweet Greek – Greek
Known for having one of the most gorgeous shops in the Market, Sweet Greek is where you’ll find a shelves of tasty homemade Greek sweets, pastries and home cooked meals. Treat yourself to a mouth-watering cake, decadent slice or traditional biscuit, or pick up a take home meal to enjoy with the family. How do spanakopita, moussaka and a tempting selection of Greek salads made with Market ingredients sound? Want to recreate some of Kathy’s amazing dishes at home? Too easy. Just pick up a copy of her book Sweet Greek and you’ll be a pro in no time.

Seoul Salon – Korean
Seoul Salon brings the tantalising world of Korean food right to the heart of South Yarra with an enticing mix of dishes that are sure to impress. Feast on traditional bibimbap served with delicious fresh veggies or try a yummy Korean seafood pancake. They’ve also got everything from grilled Kalbi short ribs to your choice of steamed or pan fried dumplings. Ever tried a bulgogi salad? Well, now’s your chance!

Wasshoi Bar & Grill  – Japanese
With highly regarded head chef Ikuei Arakane (Kinsan) at the helm, diners of his previous restaurants (Koko, Taxi, 100 Mile Café, and The Glass House in Tasmania) can expect the same quality of modern Japanese food. The 29-seater Sumibiyaki bar features a tantalising menu spanning a range of Japanese dishes that have already become favourites amongst loyal customers. Tuck into the twice cooked pork belly bun that has been slow cooked for 10 hours or bite into the Japanese style beef burger washed down with a traditional sake.

sweetgreek  seoul salon  wasshoi

Naheda’s Choice – Lebanese
“Have you tried that olive dip from the Market?” Chances are if you’ve heard this phrase, it’s referring to Naheda’s Choice, located in none other than the Prahran Market deli hall. Famous for an exceptionally large offering of homemade dips, Naheda’s Choice has so many flavours you won’t know where to start. From the number 1 best selling olive dip, to the baba ganouj with pomegranate – and who can forget the amazing holy guacamole? Owners Naheda and Jim are also responsible for all that Turkish delight clogging up your Insta feed. Haven’t tried it? Picture Turkish delight like you’ve never seen it before. You can thank us later.

Anatolia Gozleme Kitchen – Turkish
If you’ve got a craving for traditional Turkish cuisine, Anatolia Gozleme Kitchen is exactly where you need to be. Their irresistible range of gozleme and boreks are freshly made on-site alongside a huge selection of cabbage rolls, zucchini fritters, stuffed eggplant, slow cooked lamb, moussaka and more! Freshly baked Turkish bread is also available daily, and delicate Turkish sweets are on-hand to complement a cup of freshly brewed traditional Turkish tea.

dips  gozleme

The Falafel Man – Israeli
The Falafel Man at Prahran Market is somewhat of a cult classic. With queues often spanning the square between 12pm-2pm, it’s hard to believe all this deliciousness comes from the confines of a portable cart! Join the line to bite into lightly fried falafel balls ensconced in a tasty pita wrap, or enjoy them on a bed of salad drenched with homemade creamy hummus – amazing!

Mr Bratwurst – German
At Mr Bratwurst it’s all about premium quality German-style sausages that are rich in flavor. You’ll find the traditional kransky, kabana, bratwurst and more varieties – all cooked over hot coals as you watch! All you need to do is pick your toppings. Choose from cheese, onions or sauerkraut, or just add them all – we won’t tell anyone!

falafel  mrbratwurst

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