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5 Spring Lamb Pairings to Try

The chill of winter is finally behind us, and as we look forward to the warmer weather we also can’t wait to sink our teeth into tender, spring lamb. Whether you’re hosting a barbie on the deck with friends or whipping up a quick midweek meal for the whole family, here are a few lamb pairings to add to your spring menu.

Cheese Pairing

If you enjoy adding fromage to most savoury dishes, you’ll be glad to know that some cheeses go beautifully with lamb. Flavourful lamb shoulder, shank and leg are the best cuts to pair with cheeses such as ricotta and emmental, whilst feta and fragrant blue cheese stands up beautifully to lamb in sliders or kofte. 

Try our Blue Cheese and Lamb Kofte recipe here for your next BBQ.

Asparagus and Lamb

There’s no doubt that asparagus and lamb are the ultimate spring pairing, with both products available in abundance from our Market Traders. To mix up your asparagus game this season, give a raw spear salad a go. When shaved into ribbons like pappardelle, raw asparagus is a great flavour match for a rich protein like lamb. 

Alternatively, if you prefer your spring spears cooked, give our Lamb Cutlets with Asparagus Salad a go, featuring a mix of both white and green asparagus. 

Lemon Potatoes as a Side

Roasted meat and potatoes – is there a better combo for when you’re in the mood for a hearty meal? And whilst we’re not opposed to a creamy mash alongside our Sunday lamb roast, lemon potatoes is our new go-to for elevated flavour. 

Often used in Greek cooking, these golden, citrus-infused spuds pair beautifully alongside a rich, roasted shoulder of lamb. Check out Kathy Tsaples’ recipe for her famous Roast Lamb and Lemon Potatoes recipe here.

Brazilian Churrasco Marinade for Lamb

If you want to bring extra heat to your next lamb grill-up, then the Brazilian Churrasco marinade is for you. We must warn you though, this one isn’t for the fainthearted, packing a punch with smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, and orange zest, as well as cumin and brown sugar. The addition of citrus helps to cool the palate and balance the flavours. 

Tip: To serve your lamb in a more authentic Brazilian way for your guests, marinade and cook the lamb on skewers.

Capsicum Ideas

Those looking to add more veg to their lamb repertoire should reach for the humble capsicum on their next trip to Harvest Hall. Whether you prefer your capsicums threaded onto lamb skewers and grilled on the BBQ, transformed into a flavoursome peperonata or stuffed with lamb mince and baked, this versatile veg pairing is one to add to the ‘to make’ list.

Looking for a little food-spo? Save this recipe for Thyme Roasted Lamb Rack with Peperonata.

There’s something for everyone when it comes to spring lamb, so visit our butchers in Bracher Arcade and start experimenting with new pairings.

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