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5 Helpful Tips for Making a Flower Crown

Thinking about making your own flower crown for that next music festival or hen’s day? Maybe you’re just looking for a fun activity to do on the weekend with your pals. We chat to Flawless Flowers to find out their tips for making the best flower crown. Read on to get started.

Choose carefully
It’s really important to choose flowers that not only look good but are fairly sturdy too. Beautiful blooms such as roses, orchids and carnations are great for flower crowns as they’re large and fairly strong compared to many other flowers. When thinking of your colour selection, make sure to think about what you’ll be wearing, your hair colour, complexion as well as any allergies!

Get the base right
The base or ‘filler’ is just as important as the flowers themselves. Choose something like gum or gypsophila (baby’s breath) to fill the gaps between your flowers. Not only does using some greenery create a fuller looking crown but it adds a gorgeous contrasting effect too.

Have a plan
Before you start, work out your plan. Lay the flowers out and play with the arrangement to see where you think everything should be placed. It’s far easier to have an idea in your head before you start, than to begin wiring and realise you need more flowers or you’re not happy with what you’ve done.

Wire individually – flower and greenery
It’s time consuming but it’s best to wire each flower and piece of greenery individually. Start with your greenery, then intertwine your flowers, always making sure that they face outwards. Make sure you don’t make your crown too heavy either – especially if you have to wear it all day.

Time it right
Realistically flower crowns last for approximately 24 hours so it’s best to make one as close to your event as possible to keep it looking fresh. We also recommend giving it a spritz with some water or a floral spray before you put it on too. This will help to maintain moisture, keeping it looking better for longer!

Visit Flawless Flowers for a stunning selection of flowers and greenery for your flower crown, or take out all the hard work and get them to make one for you. Just give them a buzz to find out how to place an order.


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