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The most common mistake people make when caring for plants is over watering or neglect, says Christina Park of Prahran Garden Centre. “Your plant will show you more than you realise. It has its own way to say if it needs more water or more sunlight,” she says. “When its leaves droop like a thirsty wanderer in the desert, it needs more water. When its stem grows too leggy, it’s tip-toeing to seek more sunlight and when its leaves turn yellow, it needs fertiliser.”

Christina has been in the plant game for a number of years now. Beginning her career as a florist, working for wedding event companies and floral experts, she first fell in love with the beauty of flowers but it was her adoration for plants that eventually took centre stage. “One day I felt so much joy from seeing my long-awaited bud of gardenia bloom that I knew this meant I was more of a plant-person.”

When an opportunity came up to take ownership of Prahran Garden Centre two years ago, she jumped at the idea. Since then she’s spent time listening and learning from her suppliers, taking part in workshops to upskill and holding her own terrarium and kokedama (moss ball) workshops for customers. “Learning new things and sharing the knowledge I’ve learnt, is my joy,” she says.

So what is Christina’s favourite plant? “I love all my plants! One of my favourites is the Bonsai. It needs lots of attention with watering and trimming but I don’t consider it work; It’s more like meditation. You think you are caring for nature but in fact you are cared for by nature. Plants teach you how to be calm and cool.”

Visit Prahran Garden Centre for a huge selection of plants including balcony and indoor decorations, customised terrarium and kokedamas as well as a range of garden supplies and trendy pots.

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