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Faces of the Market

with Frank from F&J

Our ‘Faces of the Market’ series features a snapshot into the lives of our traders…

One of Frank’s fondest childhood memories is helping out at his cousin’s fruit shop. Now, decades later, here he is with his very own fruit stall, F & J Fruiterers.

Frank has been at Prahran Market for 26 years. Prior to this he was a pastry chef for 10 years. Despite Frank’s love for food, this isn’t something you hear him talk about too often. “When I moved to Australia from Italy, I needed a trade. There was a job going at the Mount Waverley bakery and I just fell into pastry. It was fine at the time but I never really loved it,” he says.

An early riser from his many days in hospitality, Frank eventually swapped his mornings spent knee-deep in flour for the hustle and bustle of the fruit and veg wholesale markets. This often meant a 2am start to ensure he could secure the best produce for his stall. “When the Market had an opportunity to buy a fruit shop in ’91, It just made sense. You get used to hours when you enjoy what you do,” he says.

Frank enjoys to cook at home for his family and does his fair share of plating up from time to time too. When asked if he ever misses his days in pastry, he shakes his head. “Fruit has always been the area for me.”

We’re pretty happy with that.

Visit F&J Fruiterers in our Harvest Hall to stock up on your fruit and veg,

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