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10 of the Best Chocolate Treats in Melbourne

Let’s talk Best Chocolate Treats at Prahran Market

Chocolate. The epitome of the indulgent snack or afternoon pick-me-up. Full of flavour; sweet, creamy, delicious, gooey and versatile. Consume it in blocks until there’s none left, enjoy it melted over ice cream, or devour it in cakes, slices, cookies or your fave desserts! However you choose to eat your chocolate, one thing is for certain: it’s an ingredient that needs to be celebrated! So without further ado, let us present you with 10 of the Best Chocolate Treats at Prahran Market!

Whoopie Pies – Cioccolato Lombardo
Bite into one of Tad Lombardo’s rich whoopie pies and you’ll feel like you’ve died and gone to foodie heaven.  Inspired by years of cooking with his mother and grandmother when growing up in New York, Tad has injected a playful mix of flavours to his favourite childhood treat. Think creamy vanilla filling speckled with couverture chocolate, sandwiched between thick fudgy layers of cake, lightly dusted with icing sugar – sigh. Insider tip: These little guys sell out quite fast so make sure you get in early!

Pana Chocolate – Ripe the Organic Grocer
Ripe has a great selection of premium organic, dairy free and vegan chocolates, including one of our faves: Pana Chocolate. Choose from flavours like fig & wild orange; coconut & goji; sour cherry & vanilla and so much more. And did we mention that each Pana Chocolate flavour is handmade in Melbourne using only the best quality ingredients? Well it is, so now you’ll know exactly what’s going into your not so guilty pleasure!

Brownie – Mama Marija
Known for their killer breakfasts and yummy lunches, Mama Marija also do a fair share of tasty treats, like their rich brownie with a mouth-watering fudge-like centre or their mini mudcakes that are best consumed with a cup of coffee.

whoopie pi  Pana Chocolate_1chocolate brownies

Chocolate Gelato – Fritz Gelato
Scoop up as much chocolate gelato as you can at Fritz but don’t stop at only one flavour – not when there are so many to choose from. How does the Black Forest, Toblerone or Chilli Chocolate sound? What about White Chocolate & Raspberries or Mint Choc Chip? In a waffle cone or in a cup topped with fudge, you won’t be disappointed. That’s a promise.

Rocky Road – Sweet Greek
Sweet Greek’s yummy rocky road can be found stacked up in three different flavours on the front counter – milk, white and dark. We’d be hard pressed to tell you which flavour we like best, so if you want to get all three, go for it – but be warned, they’re larger than your average serve. Tip: Their dark choc brownie is made using halva – a nice twist on a classic rocky road.

Raw Vegan Snickers – Kooks Kitchen
For a truly satisfying treat, give the raw vegan snickers dessert pot a go at Kook’s Kitchen. Featuring a nut brownie base with a peanut and medjool date caramel layer, it’s topped with a raw chocolate drizzle and some roasted peanuts. This little guy is an absolute winner!

fritzgelato  rockyroad   Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 9.55.06 am

Hot Chocolate – Abla’s Patisserie
Sometimes a sugar hit replaces a caffeine hit and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Abla’s Patisserie knows this better than everyone, which is why its Belgian hot chocolate is one of their most popular winter treats. Choose from milk or dark chocolate and if you’re feeling really adventurous wash it down with a slice of baklawa.

Pain au chocolat – Noisette
Looking for something sweet to enjoy with coffee? Noisette will have you sorted with their amazing selection of pastries, including their standout pain au chocolat. With layers of buttery pastry intertwined with generous chunks of premium chocolate, it’s virtually a no brainer when the 3pm sugar hit calls your name. So will that be one or two?

Cacao and Cocoa Nibs – The Essential Ingredient
Looking for those fancy cocoa or cacao nibs everyone keeps talking about so you can pop them in your blender and make yourself a choc-inspired smoothie? Well, look no further than The Essential Ingredient’s range of nibs. Of course, they’re useful for a whole stack of other things too, like baking or to shove in that desk drawer to nibble on when you need a much deserved break.

Choc-Coated Coffee Beans – The Sweet & Nut Shop
What’s better than coffee beans? Choc-coated coffee beans of course! Get yours from The Sweet & Nut Shop and be the envy of all your colleagues when you pull them out for morning tea. They’ve also got a whole stack of other choc delights, including choc-coated liquorice, choc-coated peanuts and more.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 11.05.00 am  Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 11.03.48 am  chocolate 




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