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It's spring! But who would know?!

We’ve had a pretty ‘springless’ spring so far with plenty of wind (so much wind!), rain, freezing temperatures, even hail and thunderstorms, with the occasional token gloriously warm, sunny day thrown into the mix.  It’s hard to imagine whipping up some spring produce recipes.

Typical Melbourne!

Nevertheless, we thought we’d encourage our A Team to get into the spirit of spring (even if Melbourne is refusing to do so) and sent them a beautiful spring inspired mix of ingredients into their mystery box.

Plump pink grapefruit and large luscious artichokes were accompanied with Italian squid ink pasta, some deliciously sharp Australian Pecorino and the current super-food of the day, black chia seeds.

With Iron Chef Shellie, Italy on my Mind and My Second Helping (Jo’s recipes on their way, we promise!!) on the case, we couldn’t WAIT to see what beautiful creations they would come up with.

And with no further ado, the recipes are here for you to download, print and try for yourselves at home and create your own warming ray of sunshine.

Spring Produce Recipes:


Pink Grapefruit Tataki   Pink grapefruit tataki- My Second Helping

Sauteed artichoke pasta  Sauteed Artichoke pasta- My Second Helping

Pan-fried artichoke bases    Pan-fried artichoke bases- Italy on my Mind

radicchio, pink grapefruit and date salad    Radicchio, pink grapefruit and date salad- Italy on my Mind

Moreton Bay Bug Pasta    Moreton Bay Bug Pasta- Iron Chef Shellie

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