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Chestnuts, honeycomb & edible flowers

With so much glorious winter produce in abundance it was a tough decision selecting the ingredients for August’s mystery box.

But after a quick scout around the Market and a few chats with a couple of Market legends (Damian Pike and then, because we felt like cheese, Anthony Femia), we settled upon a nice mix.   Fresh chestnuts, raw honeycomb, blue cheese, edible flowers and a handful of chillis (just to spice things up) made the cut.

We have to admit, it was one of our better mystery boxes.   Chestnuts were the clear favourite, and we’re happy to be able to give you recipes for chestnuts three ways – think gnocchi, pancakes and stir fried.

Paola from Italy on my Mind, created a beautiful gnocchi entrée – her chestnut and ricotta pillows of goodness are topped with butter, blue cheese and honey to taste.

Iron Chef Shellie created a delicate chestnut pancake, topped with fresh honeycomb and edible flowers and Jo’s (my second helping) creativity led to a very interesting chili, blue stilton and honeycomb biscuit plus an easy weekday chicken and chestnut stirfry.

All recipes are below, waiting for you to try at home.

Chestnuts three ways:

Chestnut and ricotta gnocchi w blue cheese & honey– Italy on my Mind

Chestnut Pancakes– Iron Chef Shellie

Chicken and chestnut Stir fry– My Second Helping

And not so much about the chestnut:

Blue Stilton biscuits with honeycomb and chili – My Second Helping


And if you’re new to using chestnuts, check out our full instructions for boiling, baking, roasting and barbecuing them, here.

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