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What's best: Ancient style Gruyere

We all know that Maker & Monger has built a strong reputation as having some of the best ‘grown up toasties’ available in Melbourne.  Not to mention his traditional gooey Raclette and then the new additions such as cacio e pepe (pasta tossed through a wheel of Parmesan).

But did you also know that Anthony, an actual cheese monger, also sells a very select, hand picked range of cheese available for purchase too? Both local and imported, and the best you can find in cheese.

Tobie chats to Anthony Femia, about this delicious ancient style gruyere from the Swiss Alps- of which only 100 wheels were made this season!

And you can get it from his stall, Maker & Monger, right now!!


For ‘grown up toasties’ and ancient style gruyere- Maker & Monger is your one stop shop!

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