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What's Best with Tobie Puttock: Asparagus

Thursday 29th September 2016

Welcome to the first of our ‘What’s Best in the Market’ series featuring Tobie Puttock.   In today’s video,  Tobie chats to Damian Pike about what to look for when purchasing in season asparagus.


Some in season asparagus tips to take away:

  • Look for asparagus spears that aren’t limp or ‘wet’
  • Asparagus should be nice and firm
  • Storing asparagus in water will help to maintain freshness and firmness
  • Snap the end off when cooking.
  • You can use the whole spear of the asparagus when cooking.
  • Super thick asparagus spears are perfect on the BBQ.
  • The super big asparagus spears are called Jollie Green Giants.


Each fortnight he’ll be chatting with some of our favourite traders about what’s best and fresh and what to look for when choosing your produce.

Click through to the Market’s Fruit and Veg Traders to see where to buy your in season asparagus from:

For more useful information on asparagus, visit the asparagus council website.

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