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Ways with capsicum, fennel and lemon by the A Team

There’s always an air of excitement as we send out our latest Mystery Bag of produce to our ATeam.

Watching, waiting… what will they come up with next?

And the clever clogs in our A Team crew never fail to disappoint – with their fresh yet easy to make at home recipes.  Their creativity is just awesome.

Our latest bag for ATeamers  Jo from Second Helping and Sarah Cooks contained some beautiful, fresh bulbs of fennel (oh that smell!).  We also popped in some juice-filled organic lemons, and the cutest little mini capsicums you ever did see, super fresh and crisp too.  For good measure, we popped in a piece of smokey mozzarella from one of our Traders, always exploring the new.

Just look at this creative collection! There’s something for every day of the week – from Friday night cocktails to weekday eats and Sunday-night comfort food. All of them celebrating fresh seasonal produce and easy to make at home. They’ve nailed it again.

If you make one of these, why don’t you share a pic on your socials and tag us! We know our ATeam would love to see it as well.

See you at the Market.

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