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5 Interesting Ingredients for Your Next Platter

How many of these platter ingredients have you tried?

Looking for something different to add to your cheese or charcuterie platter aside from the usual quince paste? Here are 5 different flavour combos for you to try right now. Trust us – they’re all delicious!

Move over fruit paste, fresh honeycomb is the new kid on block! With its heavenly sweet flavour, a drizzle is all you need to enjoy it with everything from a soft brie to a salty, crisp blue. For a creamy cheese, pair with a citrus-based honey and for something saltier, try a milder flavour. We also love it drizzled over fresh mozzarella or ricotta for something a little different. The best part? Not only does fresh honeycomb taste delicious, it looks absolutely stunning on a platter. You can find fresh honeycomb at both Whisked and Eggs +.

For something a little different to a paste but equally as delicious, try pairing your cheeses with marmalade. And we don’t just mean your regular orange. There are stacks of different marmalade varieties that pair beautifully with cheese, from blue cheese teamed with red onion marmalade to goats’ cheese with grapefruit marmalade –  just smear it across a cracker and add your cheese!

Pickled okra
Pickled vegies are a great addition to a charcuterie board as they work to cut through the salty nature of cold meats. With a sweet and sour flavour profile, pickled okra is great eaten alongside salami and prosciutto, but you don’t need a lot to bring out the flavour. Okra will also work if there’s some cheese in the mix too, so instead of reaching for the cornichons next time, give some pickled okra a go! You can grab regular okra from Cheong’s and find out how to pickle it here.

Figs are no stranger to a cheese board because of their sweetness but did you know they also work perfectly with the salty nature of prosciutto? Add something a little different to your charcuterie board by rolling small wedges of fig in thinly sliced lashings of prosciutto and they’ll be gobbled up in no time.

Yes, you read correctly. Get your hands on some thin slices of cured fatback to pair with your charcuterie selection and you’ll never look back! Just slice thinly and layer on top of lavosh or crackers with some sea salt. You only need a very small amount because it’s extremely flavourful. Get yours from Gary’s Meats, and don’t knock it ’til you try it!


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