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June A-Team – Truffles

Winter has arrived and so too has beautiful winter produce.

And coincidentally, with our upcoming Truffle & Charcuterie celebration, we decided to send our A-Team contributors an aromatic, in-season black truffle as part of this month’s mystery bag.  The truffles arrived at Damian Pike’s stall fresh from Manjimup, WA, and we just couldn’t resist.

We also sourced some gorgeous in-season walnuts from Paddlewheel; a divine Yarra Valley cheese from Maker & Monger; and some super fresh brussels sprouts, but the truffle was by far the star ingredient. Jo from Second Helping could smell it before she even opened the bag!

Thanh Do of @Ieatblog was our guest contributor for this month. He created a gloriously simple truffled fettucini carbonara packed full of flavour.

Jo managed truffles two ways, including a stunning truffled risotto and a tagliatelle with walnut and truffles – not to mention a couple of beautiful side dishes featuring brussels sprouts.

Check out the recipes here:

Truffled Fettucini Carbonara Truffled Fettucini Cabonara Recipe by Thanh Do, I Eat blog 

Brussels sprout slaw Brussels Sprouts Slaw by Jo Feehan, Second Helping

tagliatelle with walnut sauce and black truffle Tagliatelle with Truffle and Walnut by Jo Feehan, Second Helping

Pan roasted brussels sprouts Pan-roasted Brussels Sprouts with Salnuts by Jo Feehan, Second Helping

Truffle Risotto Truffle Risotto by Jo Feehan, Second Helping



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