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Sourced & Seasoned: Apricot, Raspberry & Pistachio Galette

We’re kicking off the new year with a fresh set of delicious summer recipes, coming straight to you from the talented Claudia Brick of The Brick Kitchen.

First up for this month is Claudia’s incredible Apricot, Raspberry, and Pistachio Galette. Featuring the pick of the season (or whatever over-ripe fruit you have on hand), this vibrant dessert is perfect for entertaining or enjoyed as a mid-week treat. We think it’s almost too pretty to eat… almost!

Download your copy of the recipe here and learn a little more about the dish in The Brick Kitchen’s blog post segment below.

The latest delivery from Prahran Market of rose harissa and preserved lemons and new tahini and huge bunches of herbs and bundles of stone fruit did help the January creativity – we had an Israeli style salad of peaches and tomatoes on a bed of creamy hummus (recipe will follow on instagram soon) and Julia Ostro’s roast and marinated zucchini on burrata with mint and toasted walnuts, pooled in olive oil. Plums paired with miso and hazelnuts in a buttery crumble (again, keep an eye out next week); tomatoes were slow roasted with harissa and tumbled through fresh pasta (courtesy of The Fresh Pasta Shop, not homemade – shortcuts are smart sometimes) with mountains of grated pecorino and basil and a raw zucchini pinenut salad; and the rest of those apricots ended up right here. 

Galettes are a wherever whenever summer dessert – I’ve rolled out pastry with a wine bottle and used the most dilapidated ovens and battered berries and even if it’s messy, it’s a delicious beautiful mess of crisp buttery pastry and bubbling fruit and melting dollops of ice cream. No soggy pie bottoms in sight. This version has a ground pistachio base which muddles with the overlying apricots and their juice into an almost frangipane-like layer atop the pastry. A little bit of cardamom (I know I’m obsessed) and lemon completes it. Feel free to ad-lib with whatever over-ripe fruit you have on hand.

Download the recipe here

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