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Floral Ideas for Loved Ones

Let’s face it, we all love being given a bunch of flowers now and then. But what you may not know is that not only do flowers feel good to receive, the blooms can create a lasting positive effect on someone’s wellbeing – that includes yourself.

Gifting a bouquet to someone you love and admire expresses joy and brings you closer. We took a stroll down to our florists Flawless Flowers and Clara’s Flowers in Harvest Hall and chatted with our resident florists who gave us the perfect floral ideas for loved ones.



Nothing conjures up the idea of love like roses, and when it comes to romance of any kind, red roses reign supreme. Clara from Clara’s Flowers tells us that to get the best out of your roses trim the stems, change water regularly and keep them in a light-filled room and “they’ll last for ten days if cared for correctly.”



One of the world’s oldest cultivated flowers and the second most popular after roses, carnations symbolise love, fascination, and distinction. Roughly translating to the ‘flower of love’ in the Greek language, it is the darker shaded varieties that really express deep sentiments of love and affection.



With strong links to Chinese culture, peony translates to ‘most beautiful’. They are also symbolic of love, honour, happiness, wealth and romance. Sebastian from Flawless Flowers tells us “Peonies are a stunning flower, and a bouquet of these blooms are sure to make anyone’s day.”



Sunflowers remind us of warm summer days and sunny memories together. The sunflower symbolises adoration, loyalty, and longevity – they really are the perfect way to tell someone they are a partner or friend for life, and you appreciate what they do for you.



Gift this sweet bloom to just about anyone to bring out a smile and summon memories of younger days. Symbolising innocence, loyalty, patience, and simplicity, a bouquet of daisies can be the perfect gesture for many different occasions.



Stunning in big bunches and widely grown throughout Australia, these beauties symbolise heartfelt emotions for the people you love and represent unity and togetherness.


Top Tips for Making Your Blooms Last Longer

Clara’s Flowers told us her top tips for making your florals last longer are to “make sure to change the water of your flowers at least every 2-3 days and cut the stem into a triangle, which allows them to absorb more water.”

“Avoid direct sunlight and keep your flowers in a cool area as they will fade faster if they are too warm,” says Sebastian from Flawless Flowers.


So, what are you waiting for? Make a lasting impression on someone, or simply brighten the day of the one you love by gifting them the perfect bouquet.

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