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Is Eyebrow Threading For Me?

Friday 29th March 2019

With the change of seasons comes change in routine – from what we eat to how we dress, to personal grooming and the shoes on our feet. Thankfully we’ve got all sorts of personal services to help you under the one roof.

If you’re thinking about an eyebrow tidy, we spoke to our Trader Lash & Brow Boudoir about one of the latest grooming favourites – Eyebrow Threading – to help you work out whether it’s for you.

“We are seeing a big increase in demand for this treatment,” says Sandra of Lash & Brow Boudoir. Mainly, she says, this is because of the amazing results.

What is it?

“Eyebrow Threading is a traditional thread-twisting technique for hair removal. It’s quick and you get amazing results.”

Is it painful?

“Some people have heard that threading is painful so they stick with waxing, but if it is a little uncomfortable at first, it will get less so each time. We encourage our customers to give threading a go because the results are fantastic,” Sandra continues.

Does it involve a lot of waste?

“Threading is a very low-waste method that uses cotton – a natural fibre. We train our staff approximately every two months, both internally and externally. This ensures consistency in service and that the most up to date techniques and products are being used. It also helps us make sure that the team know how to dispose of waste products in ways that minimise our impact on the environment.

How often should I groom my brows?

“Warmer weather means faster growing hair. While you usually may have an eyebrow shaping appointment every 3-4 weeks, in the summer you likely to require one every 2-3 weeks. C

Does it take long?

“We offer a drop in brow bar service at our Prahran Market salon, which many regular Prahran Market shoppers love! We also take appointments. Generally, you should allow about 15 minutes for Eyebrow Threading, although if it’s your first time, perhaps a bit more so that we can explain the process.

What brow shape is on-trend for 2019?

“The fuller brow is definitely the shape of choice this year but if you have fine or thin brows never fear. There are semi-permanent treatments including micro-blading and henna tattooing that are personalised to you, giving you a beautiful full brow and all without the commitment of a permanent technique.

What about lash trends?

“Everybody riught now is loving long thick sets of lashes so many are turning to extensions. While these are great, a lift and tint will create a similar look with less maintenance, so this is one of our popular services now.

“Lash lifting and tinting has really progressed over the past few years and you get amazing eyelashes that look like a natural extension without the need for mascara. Perfect for Easter holidays and weekends!” says Sandra.

So there you have it! Keep your brows and lashes up to date and talk to our traders for options that suit you best, including those that have the least impact on the environment. Looking good and feeling good.

See you at the Market!

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