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The Perfect Cheese Platter

Five Steps to Creating Perfect Cheese Platters

When it comes to creating perfect cheese platters it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Angelo from The Cheese Shop Deli gives five simple steps for you to follow to achieve your cheese platter masterpiece.

  1. Take note of the size and shape of your cheese board (or platter). This is important when picking the amount of cheeses and accompaniments you’d like to feature.
  2. Decide what you would like to serve alongside your cheese. Grapes, figs, fruit, nuts and quince paste are all great for complementing cheese. It’s a common misconception that you need particular accompaniments for different cheese. The truth is the cheese is the main player and anything sweet is going to go well.
  3. When picking your cheese, make sure you choose a variety. Don’t go for an assortment of brie or three different types of cheddar. Mix it up with sheep or goats milk cheese, cheddar, blue – there’s so many to choose from, you won’t run out of ideas!
  4. To make your cheese platter stand out from the crowd and really score the wow factor, cut your cheese in different shapes. Don’t be afraid to get creative; a mix of log, round and wedge shapes look really great among accompaniments like fruit and quince paste.
  5. If wine is going to be served, be sure to ask your cheese monger what they recommend you pair with your selection of cheese.

Angelo’s Tip: Always make sure you taste the cheese before you buy it. It’s important that you’re able to tell your guests a little about the cheese – and it also adds to your cheese knowledge too!

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