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5 Types of Tomatoes You'll Find at the Market

How many of these Market tomatoes have you tried?

Aside from your standard red tomato, the Market is home to a stack of other tomato varieties. Whether you’re after a Roma tomato to make a mouth-watering pasta sauce for the family or a Green Zebra to enhance a salsa – we’ve got all your tomato needs covered. Here are just 5 of the varieties you’ll find at the Market.

Ox Heart – Garden State Fruit Supply
This heart-shaped beauty not only looks adorable, it tastes pretty darn good too. With a meaty sweet flesh and fewer seeds than a regular tomato, it’s the ideal variety for slicing and makes the perfect ingredient for sandwiches, salads and even in cooking.

Black Russian – Pino’s Fine Produce
Who said tomatoes have to be red? The Black Russian, which is dark mahogany in colour and quite obviously different from the standard tomato, has a very interesting flavour profile. Mildly acidic and sweet with a smoky finish, the Black Russian has been likened to a peach in flavour but is known to also take on some of characteristics of the soil in which it has grown. The best way to eat a Black Russian is raw – pop it in a salsa or even a sandwich.

Truss Tomatoes – F&J Fruiterers
Truss tomatoes are a very popular variety of tomato and are grown on a stem, usually found in a cluster. They’re best eaten at room temperature and pair really well with ingredients such as basil, pepper, goat’s cheese, salt and olive oil. The best thing about Truss tomatoes is they will keep ripening in the fruit bowl if you keep them attached to their stem.

Roma Tomato – Reliable Fruit
Also known as a ‘plum tomato,’ the Roma tomato is most commonly used for making tomato paste, sauce or passata because of its chewy flesh and low water content. Roma tomatoes don’t have the strongest flavour, so they’re best used in combination with other ingredients. We recommend slow roasting, baking or even stuffing them. They’re also great in an omelette with a handful of your other favourite ingredients.

Green Zebras – Paddlewheel
Perhaps one of the best-looking tomatoes, the Green Zebra gets it name from its dark green and yellow stripes. It’s more tart in flavour than your regular tomato so it’s perfect for adding zing to everything from salsas to sauces and chutneys. When the Green Zebra turns predominantly yellow, that’s when you know it’s ripe!





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