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Market Redevelopment

Tuesday 5th February 2019

Prahran Market is about to undertake an exciting redevelopment of the North East corner entrance area of the Market.

Once completed, it will provide us with a more useable and protected outdoor communal seating space, a new all-day dining tenancy, new urban landscaping treatments and new toilet facilities.

With any building works comes some disruption however we have spent considerable time planning the project in a way that minimises this, for our customers and our Traders.  Please read on for more information and contact us if you have further questions.

Key Points

The project will commence on Wednesday 6th February.  We anticipate completing the project by mid-year.

The project will be undertaken in two stages.

Stage 1

Hoarding will be erected along Elizabeth Street, up to Market Lane Coffee and around the new tenancy area.

The North East corner entrance to the Market will be closed during this stage, however the other Elizabeth Street entrances to the Market will remain open.

Market Lane Coffee will be trading as usual from its front entrance and from a ‘pop-up’ stall in Harvest Hall. Signage will assist customers to the nearest entrances during this time.

At the completion of Stage 1, hoarding will be removed and the North East corner entrance to the Market will reopen.

Stage 2

Hoarding will be erected around the front of Market Lane Coffee and down-Market Lane itself. Signage will clearly direct customers into the Market and to Market Lane Coffee.

The North East corner entrance to the Market will be open during this stage.

Market Lane Coffee will continue trading via the entrance in the NE foyer and from the ‘pop-up’ stall in Harvest Hall.

We are looking forward to delivering this exciting new project and renewing this entrance area to draw greater foot traffic down Elizabeth Street to the Market.


Are all doors to the Market on Elizabeth Street affected?

No. All doors to the Market remain open – with only one door – the North East corner entrance to the Market – closed during Stage 1. Clear signs will assist customers in finding their nearest Elizabeth Street entrance.

Is access to the Elizabeth Street car park affected?

No. Customers will be able to access Elizabeth Street car park as they do currently.

Why is the project necessary?

As you would expect for a Market over 150 years old, our facilities do need upgrade and improvement over time. This project will create a more enjoyable outdoor area, easier walking access to the Market from Chapel Street and additional toilet facilities. The project also offers the opportunity to create a new all-day dining tenancy.

Will there be a lot of noise?

There will be noise during demolition however the project has been carefully planned to get this out of the way as quickly as possible. It is anticipated that demolition will be completed in Stage 1.

Will Market Lane Coffee close during the redevelopment?

No. Market Lane Coffee will trade as usual. Customers will be able to access Market Lane Coffee via its Elizabeth Street entrance during Stage 1 and via the foyer inside the North East corner Market entrance during Stage 2. Signage will assist customers. Market Lane Coffee will also have an additional ‘pop-up’ in Harvest Hall during the works.

Will the Market close at any time during the redevelopment?

No. The Market will retain usual trading hours throughout the project.

Schematics of redevelopment to North East Corner of Prahran Market

Redevelopment 2


 Redevelopment 3

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