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Or perhaps zucchini salad?

There was so much inspiration to be had with delicious seasonal produce in April, that it made creating a short list for that month’s mystery box, a little difficult.

Zucchinis of all different colours, shapes and sizes were everywhere. Local baby sweet corn, still in the husk looked too gorgeous not to include.

Seablite, yes, seablite, was also available at Damian Pikes………and then we found crystalized violets in The Essential Ingredient.

Not to mention the beautiful bag of rich coconut sugar we found at Eggs Plus.

So I guess you could say we didn’t really short list our ingredients this month at all. Sorry guys!

So we really had NO idea what Iron Chef Shellie, Second Helping and Dancing through Sunday (our guest contributor for the month), would possibly come up with.

And in one word. Eclairs. Yes, not one, but two different beautiful eclairs were invented…..Iron Chef Shellie and Second Helping were clearly on the same wave length. But don’t worry- they’re different enough to do both.

Plus, the savoury dishes were also divine.  In fact, we got TWO zucchini salad recipes – both equally as delicious.  Think zucchini, herb and farro salad and a zucchini and crouton herbalicious salad.

Not to mention bush tucker tacos, a prawn and seablite spaghettini and a no bake coconut crème brulee (YUM!). Just to top it all off…..

So enjoy!

Recipes for eclairs and more:

Bush Tucker TacosBush tucker tacos by Second Helping


Coconut sugar choux buns Coconut sugar choux buns by Second Helping

Zucchini farro salad Zucchini, farro and herb salad by Second  Helping


Heirloom tomatoes with zucchini noodlesHeirloom tomatos with zucchini noodles by Iron Chef Shellie
Recipe_Chai and Violet EclairsChai and violet eclair by Iron Chef Shellie


coconut creme brulee No bake coconut creme brulee by Iron Chef Shellie


Prawns and sea blite spaghettini

Prawn and seablite spaghettini by Iron Chef Shellie


Zucchini crouton saladZucchini and crouton salad by Dancing through Sunday

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