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Easter Ideas For Gifting & Feasting

Ah Easter. We love all sorts of seasonal celebrations of course but one that coincides with chocolate? Let’s just say we’re a fan!

Of course, Easter eats here at the Market go well beyond the cocoa kind, so we thought we’d round up a few ideas to include in your seasonal gifting and feasting plans. From traditional eats to good for the soul, and not always involving chocolate (who knew?). Keep scrolling for more…

Traditional Greek Easter Sweets

Whether you are looking for Orthodox favourites or modern variations, you’ll find treats aplenty. Sweet Greek are set to whip up their range of Greek Easter staples soon. We’re saving ourselves for a few of their traditional Koulourakia biscuits (pictured) – think glazed, buttery and oh-so-fluffy pillows of yum, coming to you fresh from the oven.

Chaso’s Deli will have a range of house-made traditional favourites, including the cheese-filled Cypriot bread Flaounes, and the sweet holiday bread Tsoureki which features dyed red eggs.

(Psst: Hot tip is that Whisked might also be making more of their own Orthodox dyed eggs – watch this space!)

And Italian Treats Too

Head no further if you are looking for traditional Italian favourites – Cleo’s Deli is a great first port of call. Why not try some Colomba – a rich fluffy cake cut in the shape of a dove before baking, sometimes topped with pearl sugar and almonds. Think Pandoro for inspiration – eat on its own, or with some berries, slather with a spread with a cup of tea or drizzle with some warm oozy chocolate if you want to get serious about the cocoa vibe.

Delectable Delights

Those familiar with Naheda’s Turkish Delights know that no list of sweet treats from us here would be complete without them. Think lovingly hand made bundles of mouthwatering joy that celebrate traditional recipes and local flavours – available in small mixed collections, or packed to order through to gift boxes and impressive catering sized displays for those extra special events.

A Tasty Brew

Beer-lovers: swap your milk chocolate eggs for a can or two of a tasty brew, like Bodriggy Brewing Co’s ‘Space Milk Vol.3’ from Blackhearts & Sparrows. Think lactose-laced Cashmere hop combined with alphonso mango and soursop – now that’s what you call full body. The fruity lactose sour is due to hit the B&S shelves any day now, so keep a close eye out for this brew. Nice!

Homemade Orthodox Candles

Chaso’s Gourmet Deli is selling beautiful, homemade candles for those celebrating Orthodox Easter. They come in over 50 different motifs and even include AFL and soccer designs for diehard sports fans. The perfect gift for your children and Godchildren.

Tea Tray Bunnies

Picture this – Easter morning, settling in for a nice mid-morning cup of tea with a friend and on the tray you pop a pair of the sweetest little ceramic bunnies you ever did see. Now that’s what we call gorgeousness without the guilt! Available from resident tea experts Libertea.

Feasting Time-Savers

We all want to get to the fun part of sharing with family and friends, so take a tip from the Pro’s and outsource where you can. Our friendly Traders are always thinking of ways to help you make light work of your catering plans, from pre-ordered charcuterie or antipasto platters, cheese-boards, and a variety of freshly-made, ready-to-go meals. We’re particularly loving the recently launched freshly cut fruit and veg platters made by the team down at Russo’s (pictured) who need just one day’s notice for all orders and can work to your budget and tastes. Contact the team at Russos with any enquiries.

Oh, and if you find yourself speeding through the Deli Hall, take a quick pitstop at Barossa Fine Foods and pick up some of their Maple Cinnamon Bacon and traditional European Blessing Sausages for Easter brunch.

Artisan Hot Cross Buns

Do not go past the sustainably sourced, traceable Hot Cross Buns made onsite by Q le Baker. They’ve been crafted using organic fruit sourced directly from the farm sun-dried in their field. The team ferment their Hot Cross Bun mixture to develop flavour and complexity, and the use of both yeast and sourdough creates an even balance of texture and flavour (pictured). If fruit buns aren’t your cup of tea then try the chocolate version, peppered with dark chocolate chunks (63% cocoa) and organic cocoa powder, making a luxurious chocolate-spiced mouthful. Keep an eye out for their freshly buttered Hot Cross Bun Bar every weekend from 6 to 21 April, with towers of Hot Cross Buns buttered on the spot.

But you’d better be ready for a few dozen more, because who can resist the delicious buns at Noisette – they fly off the shelves every year! Ever-popular Woodfrog Bakery buns are available at Paddlewheel – we have it on good authority that they are ordering BIG (and with good reason)! Melbourne favourite Philippa’s buns will be available at Pete N Rosie’s Deli always sought after (although they should come with a word of warning – it will be hard to pass on the beautifully iced Easter biscuits and treats beside them!)

Perhaps we should mention that Mama Marija’s are offering a Hot Cross Fun French Toast on the menu closer to Easter – in case you need some sustenance while you are in!

All The Chocolate

With all of the chocolate options all around, it’s going to be mighty hard to choose – from eggs to bunnies, dairy to dairy free, imported to locally made, and maybe a bilby or two. (We have no advice here friends, but we suggest keeping up your sugar intake while you choose!)

This year we can’t wait to gaze on the impressive range we see every year at Jasper Coffee and getting our hands on the hand blown and painted eggs with their special truffled chocolate filling. It’s designed to be warmed a little in a microwave before gently slurping out the contents. Oh my. Just add coffee.

Don’t miss our special Easter activities program for more feasting and gifting inspiration including Chef Tobie Puttock and trader tips demonstrations, kids crafting, terrarium workshops and a couple of early visits from the Easter Bunny! Head here for more info.

See you at the Market!

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