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All About Beans

Looking to boost your diet with one of the healthiest and most nutrient-dense foods on the planet? You can’t go past the life-enhancing benefits of beans.

Beans are in abundant supply across Harvest Hall right now, so we’re shining a light on these versatile, flexible, staples of possibility and sharing everything we know about beans.


Bean beginnings and varieties:

The humble bean is one of the earliest cultivated plants we know about, having derived from Thailand around 9000 years ago. Part of the legume family, these podded vegies are an excellent source of Vitamins B and C, low in kilojoules, rich in antioxidants and a good source of dietary fibre*.

With so many different beans on offer right now, we’ve gathered our favourite five to share with you:


Jade Green stringless beans

Probably the most seen and versatile bean in the Market, these classics are of the finest quality. They are long, dark jade-green pods that are tender, sweet, and absolutely delicious. Bake them, boil them, blanch them, toss them through salads – we cannot rave enough about Jade Green beans.


Borlotti beans

These beans are some of the most colourful and pretty beans out there. Also called cranberry beans they have a light, beige-pink colour with spots of red brown speckled all over which, when cooked, fade into a light brown colour. They have a creamy texture and a sweet, nutty flavour that works so well in casseroles, stews or even just tossed with other beans as a bean salad.


Snake beans

Don’t be afraid – if you like your beans super long then this variety is for you; sometimes known as yard longs, they can grow up to 40cm long! They’re sweet tasting and delicious stir-fried with spices, added to curries or even eaten raw.


Purple King beans

Often favoured for their two-toned colouring when sliced, these beauties have an exterior purple hue which is contrasted with a bright green interior. Around 17cm in length, the pods are slender and appear slightly curved, tapering at both ends into pointed tips. The Purple King bean has a mild, subtly sweet, grassy and earthy flavour suited for raw or cooked dishes. Fantastic as a showcase dish when sliced lengthwise or on an angle as an edible garnish.


Australian Butter bean

These long round beans are golden-yellow and, when cooked, have the taste, texture and appearance of having already being doused with butter (but without the calories!). Eat these raw or blanched and toss in a salad for a little variety.


Beans really are the understated star of nutrition and good health. And they can be eaten in so many different and easy ways – raw, blanched, sliced, stir-fried, added to soups or stews, tacos or salads – the options are endless.

Visit Harvest Hall today to check out all the varieties on offer at Pino’s Fine Produce, Ripe The Organic Grocer, F & J Fruiterers, Damian Pike, Reliable Fruit, Paddlewheel and Fruto.


*Nutritional Information sourced from EatForHealth

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