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Our “Best Of” Hamper for Say Cheese - Pre-Orders Now Open!

Tuesday 1st October 2019


So, you’re planning your day at the Prahran Market Say Cheese Festival: grazing all the cheese and cheese-eats, in and around the Market, a glass of something tasty in hand, watching a demo, ticketed session or two… Well, here’s an exciting new extra that you won’t want to miss!

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Picnic Box, along with Chef Ambassador to Prahran Market Tobie Puttock, to bring you a most cheesilicious goodie bag to take home. Dubbed ‘best picnic box in Melbourne’ by The World Loves Melbourne you’re in for a treat. You just need to order early to guarantee yours on the day. (Orders close Tue 15 Oct)

“Best Of” Hamper laid out by Sarah Cooks

The “Best of” Hamper for Say Cheese has been curated by Tobie. Picnic Box sat down with him as he chose a few favourites from the very best of Prahran Market for the Festival. (Tough gig, but someone had to!)

The Hamper has been designed to feed two. It includes dried fruit, honeycomb, crackers, artisan fruit bread, fresh produce, of course, lots of different cheeses, all beautifully presented in a reuseable Picnic Box X Prahran Market cooler bag. All packaging is compostable and packed with love. Enjoy yours later that night or within the next few days. Priced at $75, with retail value well in excess of this, we know this will be a hot item as part of this year’s event!

Pro tip: we recommend that you head to Blackhearts and Sparrows while you’re here to choose a perfectly paired bottle to enjoy with your purchase.

Picnic Box X Prahran Market “Best Of” Hamper for Say Cheese


*All Hamper & Wine Purchases will be available to collect from the Picnic Box Stall, at the Say Cheese Festival, Sunday 20 October.

Hamper’s are being offered as a pre-purchased item.


Marcel Petite Comte Reservation

Tobie says “A beautiful cheese from Fort St. Antoine in the Jura Mountains by Marcel Petite, the best affineur of Comte in the world. Maker & Monger is the first Australian Cheesemonger to choose a unique flavour profile of Comte to sell in Australia. Try it with some fresh pear. It’s pretty special.”

Pecorino di Moliternino Romano

“I LOVE pecorino. It marries beautifully with simple ingredients, such as a simple pasta with roast tomatoes and capers. One of my all-time favourite combos is pecorino, honey and broad beans. This is a delightful Pecorino from Cleo’s Deli. It was produced in the Southern Italian region of Basilicata, and from a town, Moliterno, which has been famous for centuries as a good place to age cheese.”

Berry’s Creek Riverine Blue

“I lived in the Italian Alps for a period of time and gorgonzola was in abundance so I’m a blue cheese fan from way back.. I think my favourite way to eat blue cheese is simply on top of oozy polenta or potatoes, or with prosciutto or Jamon on a chunk of great bread. This Gippsland-made Berry’s Creek Riverine Blue is from Maker & Monger. It’s soft and creamy, a real crowd-pleaser and possibly one of the best blue cheeses being made in Australia right now.

Double Creme Fromager D’Affinois, Rhone Alps, France

“I’m a huge fan of this cheese and so is my young daughter – it melts in the mouth. Once again, being a creature of simplicity, we like to eat this cheese smeared onto a warm piece of bread. It’s a creamy white rind cheese made by Fromagerie Guilloteau in the foothills of the French Alps and I picked this one up from The Cheese Shop Deli.”

Limited Edition Parmagiano Pesto with Black Truffle Dip

“Parmesan and Truffle are great friends. Generally, I like truffle with simple flavours, but this beautiful hand made dip by the gang at Naheda’s Choice have done a lovely job of bringing together parmesan and truffle into a dip, which also strangely makes a nice savoury ice cream!”

Gary’s Meats Jamon

“The house-made Jamon from Gary’s Meats is one-of-a-kind awesome. It’s made from their own free-range Berkshire Pork bred and raised at Ravens Creek. They cure it using traditional methods over 6 months before they dry-age in store. You won’t find anything like it (and if you’re thinking cheese toastie, this will take it next level).”

Braesola della Valtellina

“This air-dried, salted beef from the Italian Alps is another of my favourite cold cuts, made using methods that have been passed down within families for generations. It has a different texture to the Jamon, I love it with a firmer stronger cheese, like the Pecorino. I picked this one up at The Cheese Shop Deli.”


“This is actually pronounced en-doo-ya and is a really spicy spreadable pork salami from Calabria. Think soft, hot salami without the casing. It’s great with cheese on bread, and I use it in pasta sauces too. Start sparingly…. Also from The Cheese Shop Deli.”

Muscatels naturally dried on the vine

“There are Muscatels and then there are Muscatels and Damian Pike has the plumpest, sweetest, most delicious Muscatels dried on the vine. They go perfectly with most of the cheeses I’ve chosen.”


“Paul at Whisked has a great range of honeycomb, which looks and tastes great with any cheese collection. It’s also good for you! And my daughter loves it.”

Dried Baby Figs, Dried Sour Plums

“The baby figs at 53 Degrees East are better than you will find anywhere – plump and tasty, so hard to stop at one. I also love the sweet, salty, sour taste of their dried sour plums. Mix and match these with the hard cheeses in this selection.”

Honey Macadamias, Walnuts
“For the softer cheeses, I’ve included the Honey Macadamias and Walnuts from 53 Degrees East. Great for general snacking too.”

Ginger Beer Fruit Bread

“The ginger beer fruit bread from Q le Baker is the perfect accompaniment to cheese, and there isn’t anything that matches it anywhere. The flour is made from heritage grains, eggs are bought from within the Prahran Market, the fruit dries on the vine and the ginger beer is made by Q himself. Enough said.”


“Good crackers .. enough said really. I love Rosemary Flatbread Lavosh from The Essential Ingredient – they always have an amazing collection of crackers and things to go with cheese,” said Tobie.


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