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Celebrating the Women at Prahran Market

We have some amazing women who are a part of the Prahran Market community, and this International Women’s Day we want to not only celebrate them but find out more about the experience they have gained owning a business and/or working at the Market. 

So, we asked some of our Prahran Market Traders to give their valuable advice for women setting out in business, that we hope will help future businesswomen.


Kathy – Sweet Greek

“Starting your own business is both an exciting and challenging time. Have a clear vision and dream about what you want to achieve and where you want to be in 5 years and then 10 years. Build your brand and network with dynamic business people that are like minded. Educate yourself more and more but make sure it’s specific to your business. Learn to run your business financially and set up the correct systems to support you. It is an exciting time!”


Marjorie – Paddlewheel

“Women naturally empower women, so don’t be afraid to look for a female mentor. The owners of Paddlewheel are both women under 50 and they have been breaking boundaries in the fruit and vegetable industry. They have shown that it is so important to value and empower women.”


Ash – G.McBean Family Butchers

“Surround yourself with reliable and like-minded people. If you respect the people you work with and enjoy their company you’ll find that challenges thrown your way are far less stressful. It’ll make your day and job that much more enjoyable.”


Wendy – Stir The Pot

“Trust yourself to follow your path. Believe that your ideas are fantastic. Be creative and strong and be prepared to work hard.”


Naheda – Naheda’s Choice and Naheda’s Turkish Delight

My advice would be to thoroughly research your industry, build a strong network, take calculated risks, prioritise self-care, and stay determined, even when faced with failure. Remember that success takes time, so be patient and persistent in your efforts. And be kind!”


Ruby – Hagen’s Organics

“Be confident, and spend less time doubting yourself or questioning your abilities. The more you tell yourself you can’t achieve success, the more likely that’s going to be true. And don’t be scared of failing, it’s the best way to learn.”


Fleur – Market Lane Coffee

“My advice to anyone starting out in business would be to spend some time thinking about what is really important to you, what you want your business to do and not do, and what you don’t want to compromise on. At Market Lane, from the beginning, we’ve been committed to quality, transparency, sustainability and using business for good. These principles haven’t changed since we opened our doors; they have a real impact on all our decisions, and they inform the way we buy coffee, the people we work with and how we run Market Lane.”


Jacqueline – Donnally Variety Shop

“You need a good business plan, and get as much experience as possible before starting out. Ensure you have good communication skills and know your audience.”


Christina – Prahran Garden Centre

“Don’t be afraid, trust yourself. Nobody is perfect and you can learn from any mistakes.”


This International Women’s Day, celebrate not only the inspirational women in your life but women in local businesses around you.


Find out more about our expert Prahran Market traders here.

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