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6 Unusual Fruit & Vegetables You’ll Find at the Market

Try some new and unusual fruit and vegetables next time you shop

When you’re looking for a healthy snack, it’s so easy to reach for a trusty apple or a juicy orange, but when there are so many different fruit and veg varieties available at the Market, why limit yourself? Our fruit and veg traders pride themselves on offering everything from delicious seasonal produce that you know and love, to a tasty selection of the weird and wonderful. So the next time you’re feeling a little peckish, why not get a little experimental and reach for a custard apple or a blood orange? See below for a yummy list of the Market’s most unusual fruit and vegetables ready and waiting for you to try.

Blood Orange – Cheong’s Fruit & Vegetables
Deliciously sweet and full of flavour is probably the best way to describe a blood orange. Smaller than a regular orange and boasting a slightly darker exterior, the blood orange is crimson in the middle and super juicy with hints of raspberry. Cut it up and eat as is or use it in everything from salads and dressings to cakes, jams, and even alcoholic drinks! See below for 5 ways with a blood orange for even more ideas.

Buddha’s HandPaddlewheel
Possibly one of the most unusual looking fruits, the Buddha’s Hand should definitely not be overlooked because of its peculiarity. With a sweet, lemony aroma, it can be eaten whole or zested into a salad dressing for extra zing. You won’t find any juice or pulp here – it’s all rind – so there is no need for peeling. We recommend using it as substitute for lemon or getting inventive with cocktails or jams.

Dragon Fruit – Reliable Fruit
With its striking pink exterior and bright green scales, dragon fruit is vibrant in colour, but mild in flavour. The only edible part is the white flesh inside, which can be scooped out (like you would do with a a kiwi fruit) and added to fruit salads or savoury salads. It’s also great in a smoothie or cocktail, and can make a great garnish for desserts.

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Custard Apples – F & J Fruiterers
Custard apples are super sweet with a creamy texture, but contrary to popular belief, don’t actually taste like custard. They’re larger than your average apple but have more of a giant strawberry-like shape with green bumpy skin. Like dragon fruit, only the flesh of the custard apple can be eaten. Scoop it out and enjoy fresh or add a different dimension to a favourite dessert, like a trifle or pavlova. The Custard apple pairs really well with other fruits so get inventive!

Golden Beetroot – Ripe The Organic Grocer
While it may look quite different to a red beetroot on the outside, the golden beetroot boasts a similar sweet flavour but is just a tad milder. It’s also much softer to cut or peel, which makes it more friendly in the kitchen. The best part is that a golden beetroot is much less likely to stain your hands! Use it in salads or for roasting to mix things up a bit.

Baby Romanesco – Damian Pike Mushroom Specialist
A baby romanesco may very well be the cutest vegetable we’ve ever seen! A miniature cauliflower variety that is green in colour featuring even more spiralled rosettes that a regular cauliflower; it’s an excellent source of vitamin C. Flavour-wise, a baby romanesco could be described as a cross between a broccoli and a cauliflower, making it the perfect substitute for both by adding something a little different. Blanch, boil or sauté your romanesco; add it to a pasta dish or get creative with your vegies.

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