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5 Tasty Stone Fruit Pairings to Try at Home

Stone Fruit Pairings to make your mouth water!

While there’s no doubt that stone fruit tastes pretty darn good on its own, we’ve gone one step further to bring you some mouth-watering stone fruit pairings that can be enjoyed all summer long!

Nectarines & Goat’s Cheese
White nectarines are slightly less sour than their yellow counterparts making them the perfect pairing for cheese. Our cheesemonger Anthony Femia recommends cutting the nectarine in half and taking out the stone before gently grilling each side until some of the natural sugars in the fruit caramelise. All you need to do then is slice your nectarine into 1cm thick wedges, drizzle some Greek thyme honey on top (Get this at Whisked) and serve alongside some natural rinded goat’s cheese. It’s a match made in heaven, trust us.

Stone Fruit & Meat
There are a number of options when it comes to pairing stone fruit with meat. Think apricot chicken and classic duck with plum or cherry sauce. You’ll also find a number of tagines that include everything from plum and peaches to apricots, even peaches. Stone fruit also makes a great base for chutney, which can then be enjoyed with your favourite cut of lamb or steak. Have you ever tried making your own ham glaze? It’s no surprise that stone fruits are often used to make some of the most delicious meat glazes too.
Check out this recipe for hot peach chutney!

Cherry & Chocolate
From choc-cherry muffins to cherries dipped in chocolate to the original cherry ripe chocolate bar; it’s no surprise that chocolate and cherry are perhaps one of the best pairings of all time. And thanks to Vikki Leng we’ve got a fabulous recipe for mini cherry fudge cakes here.

Stone Fruit & Stone Fruit!
Yep you guessed it – one of the stone best pairings for stone fruit is, well, other stone fruit! Put together a deliciously fresh summer salad with a mix of peaches, white nectarines, slice mango and apricots; add some cherry tomatoes, red onion, a sprinkling of feta, some basil leaves and a quick swirl of olive oil or your fave vinaigrette, and you’ve got yourself a fabulous salad that the makes the perfect addition to a summer barbecue lunch.

Peach & Oysters
Nothing says summer quite like seafood and if you’re entertaining, we have a great recipe for a peach mignonette, which is sure to get everyone’s mouth watering. It’s fresh, tasty and just a little bit sweet – the ideal pre-cursor to a delightful dinner! Check out this recipe for peach mignonette here.


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