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Market Detox Foods for 2024

If resolutions are your thing and you’ve promised to kick-off the new year with a detox and some cleaner eating habits, we’re here to help. Whether it’s to be a little healthier, or to dispel some of those nasty toxins caused by a few weeks of over-indulging, or just to rejuvenate the body and mind, we’ve hand-selected some readily available Market detox foods to help your cause.

Kiwis for Detox

Kiwifruit is incredibly nutrient-dense and packed with fibre and omega 3 fatty acids. They’re said to aid digestion and reduce inflammation all while boosting your metabolism. Sounds pretty magical, right?

It doesn’t hurt that they’re also delicious and super easy to add into your daily diet; blend them into your morning smoothie or juice, eat them whole (sans skin) or slice into quarters as a fruity garnish for your breakfast acai bowl.

Grab your kiwis from Reliable Fruit and F&J Fruiterers in Harvest Hall.

Health information from NCBI

Add Turmeric to Your Day

You’ll find fresh and dried varieties of this super spice here at the Market. Known as being a powerful anti-inflammatory and having high levels of antioxidants (thanks to curcumin), Turmeric has also become popular in aiding anti-aging.

Known for its earthy and peppery taste, you’ll be able to add Turmeric into your everyday meals easily. Turmeric scrambled eggs are a great way to start the day or use it as a flavour boost to your rice, vegetables, meat, and fish. Sprinkle it into a curry or stir-fry or go one step further and give turmeric lattes a try.

You can find turmeric at 53 Degrees East and The Essential Ingredient

Health information from Healthline

Detox with Asparagus

These humble green spears are one of the best nutritionally well-balanced green veggies around. High in folic acid, they’re also a source of potassium and a natural diuretic. They can help with pesky bloating and, due to high levels of amino acids and minerals, are even said to help with hangovers. Who knew?!

Try blanching them quickly and serving alongside poached eggs and sourdough for brekkie or grill them on the barbecue alongside some wild-caught salmon for dinner. Just don’t forget to break off the woody end before cooking!

Looking to purchase a few bunches from the Market? Head to Damian Pike’s in Harvest Hall.

Health information from WebMD

The Beetroot

Ruby red beets are bursting with antioxidants and betalains that help repair and regenerate the liver (which is helpful considering the liver is our main detox organ). Having exceptional nutritional values, beetroots are rich in calcium, iron, vitamins A and C, and folic acid.

We recommend grating your beets raw into salads, or try a beetroot shot first thing in the morning to kick-start your day.  Did you know you can even use the leaves in salads too?

You’ll find the tastiest ruby red beets at Ripe Organics and Pino’s Fine Produce.

Health information from BBC Good Food

It’s Easy to Detox with Ginger

Ginger has been used for health purposes for centuries. This root is known for its astringent properties that can help lower blood sugar, reduce inflammation, and help with liver function.  And because it helps with digestion, it’s a natural boost for detoxing. 

Enjoy ground or grated ginger in your next stir fry or make some fresh ginger tea to be enjoyed after dinner and before bed.

Head to Lee’s Asian Grocer or Paddlewheel for your ginger fix.

Health information from Medical News Today

A Pinch of Cayenne Pepper

The capsaicin found in cayenne peppers is what makes them hot and spicy while increasing protein activity inside fat cells. Cayenne pepper is commonly used for colds and congestion, and also helps to protect our neural system. Consumed as a powder, it has also been known to aid in weight loss.

Spice up your next meal (and boost your daily detox efforts) by adding some cayenne pepper to a curry or a roast chicken.

Add some cayenne pepper powder to your Market bag by visiting 53 Degrees East.

Health information from NCBI

Detox with Brussels Sprouts

These little parcels of goodness are great in spring and summer when they are in season. Brussels sprouts have powerful detoxifying properties, are low in carbohydrates, high in fibre, and full of antioxidants, vitamin C, and vitamin K, making them the perfect Market detox food.

Eat them raw in a sandwich, shaved and tossed into your staple salads, or serve them as a side to your favourite dinner (we’d suggest frying them up in some butter, with some bacon…but we might save that for a different article…).

The most delicious Brussels sprouts can be found on the shelves of Damian Pike‘s in Harvest Hall.

Health information from WebMD

So there you have it; seven delicious detox foods to help you eat healthier and feel better in 2024.

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