Guavas and Mangosteens by the A Team

When wandering around the Market to select items for the first mystery bag of the year, we were a little overwhelmed with our options.  Especially with all the beautiful tropical fruit available.

Guavas, mangosteens, mint, edible rose petals and coconut jelly were all part of this month’s send out.  It’s a little random, but hey – what better way to encourage creative thinking?

Easy for us to say. We just send them out.  We’re pretty sure that Iron Chef Shellie and Jo from Second Helping both probably had a ‘What the?!’ moment when they opened their bags.

The coconut jelly in a can didn’t make an appearance in any of the recipes… but seriously. Can we blame them?  What do you even do with that stuff anyway? Gary from Lee’s Asian Grocery said it was good in desserts…that’s as much as we know.

But hey – now you know, if you ever need coconut jelly, you can find it at the Market!

Otherwise, guavas and mangosteens seemed to be the most recipe friendly ingredients for this month, and let’s just say, if you’ve got a sweet tooth and a leaning towards tropical flavours, you’re not going to be disappointed with these recipes.

Tropical Fruit Recipes


mangosteen clafoutis Mangosteen Clafoutis – Second Helping

Poached Guavas Crepes Crepes with Poached Guavas – Iron Chef Shellie

Guava Galette Guava Galettes – Second Helping

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