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Trader Profile: Ting, Periwinkle Fine Seafood

Periwinkle Fine Seafood owner Ting Gao spills the beans on how he became a fishmonger at the Market, plus top tips to keep in mind when buying seafood on your next Market trip.

How did you become a fishmonger and how long have you been in the profession? 

Before I became a fishmonger, I was a car parts test engineer. During the first economic crisis in 2009 I was made redundant by the company. I had felt that I was not in control of my life, so I decided to be self-employed. I have been in the fishmonger profession for 11 years. 

What do you enjoy most about owning Periwinkle Fine Seafood?

I enjoy communicating with different types of customers. 

What is the most common question you get asked?

What is my favourite fish?

On that note, what is your favourite fish?

Blue Cod. 

What question/s should people ask their fishmonger when buying seafood?

Ask your fishmonger how to cook the seafood as they may have new methods for you to try or that will work the best for that fish.

If you could give someone one piece of advice regarding seafood, what would it be?

The simplest way of cooking is the best when it comes to seafood. A great way for most fish is simply pan frying with a bit of salt, pepper, and lemon juice.

What is something people may not know about you or Periwinkle Fine Seafood?

That I was an engineer before being a fishmonger. 

What do you love most about being at Prahran Market?

The community and the environment. 

Are you a skin-on or skin-off fish eater?


What is your favourite seafood dish for entertaining?

I love lobster when we are entertaining or celebrating. My favourite dish is lobster sashimi.

What is your earliest food memory?

Eating the rice in a Chinese rice wine factory. The Chinese rice wine was made using a traditional method which made the wine taste very sweet.

Periwinkle Fine Seafood is located in the Bracher Arcade, the Market’s hub for all things seafood, meat, game and poultry. Make sure you pop in and say hi next time you visit.

We’ll see you at the Market!

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