Trader Profile: Fruto, Nia

We caught up with the new owner of Fruto, Nia Khatibzadeh, to learn more about day-to-day life at her fruit and veg store, as well as her experience so far being part of a food market and the Prahran Market family.

Nia Khatibzadeh of Fruto

What do you enjoy most about owning Fruto?

Interacting with nice, friendly customers and providing them with quality fresh produce. It feels like I see my friends every day.

When I hear our customers’ compliments on the quality of our products, those moments are rewarding.

What is the most unusual fruit or vegetable you have stocked at Fruto?

Prickly pears! They’re round and covered with prickles and come from a kind of cactus. Prickly pears are very popular with our customers when it is in season.

What is the most common question you get asked?

I always get asked about the recent change of Fruto’s management and about my background.

What do you love most about being at Prahran Market?

I love the friendly and nostalgic environment working here. You can find all kinds of fine fresh produce, coffee, food, and specialty items in this food market that are hard to find anywhere else. The traders and all the people who work in Prahran Market support each other and collaborate to provide quality services and products. It feels good to be part of the Prahran Market family.

What is your earliest or favourite, food memory?

My best food memory is when I went to my favourite Korean restaurant with my sister to have a K-BBQ night and a long chat! I really enjoy going to my favourite restaurants and hanging out with my sister, so most of my fondest food memories involve being with her.

What is your favourite dish to make?

Reshteh Polo. It’s a Persian noodle rice dish and is super delicious.

What is your desert island fruit or veg?

Watermelon! They’re juicy, sweet, delicious, and rich in vitamins C and A. The large water content makes you feel full and the combination of water and fibre means you are eating a good amount of food without a lot of calories. Whenever I feel tired and hungry and need something juicy and cold but not too heavy, I choose watermelon. It’s a simple healthy snack.

What produce are you recommending to your customers for winter?

In terms of fruits, I recommend fresh and juicy navel oranges, mandarins, and the wide range of apples that are in season now. In terms of vegetables, I recommend leeks, parsnips, pumpkin, turnip or beetroot, carrots, potatoes, and tomatoes for making a delicious winter soup.


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