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Get your hot chip fix!

Hot chips. Fried in a crispy batter with oodles of salt; golden on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside – the perfect accompaniment to just about every meal and sometimes even the star of the show! Especially when you’re at Prahran Market where there are chips aplenty! From hand-cut fat chips cooked in crunchy beer batter, to cholesterol-free chips without the guilt, to triple cooked made with russets – we’ve tried and tested them all for your hot chip eating pleasure! But don’t take it from us – get tasting!

Ann’s Fish & Chips
Known for dishing up fresh fish on the daily, these guys certainly know a thing or two about frying up tasty hot chips! In fact, their super crunchy beer battered potato delights are nothing short of amazing. First, the rustic hand-cut appearance transports you all the way back to that local fish ‘n chip shop you used to frequent as a kid, then the golden brown edges give you that perfect crunch, revealing a fluffy cloud of potato. If perfection existed within a chip, this is it!

Egnaro’s chips may not be the widest, but what they lack in size, they certainly make up for in flavour. Sink your teeth into the crispy outer layer to enjoy a creamy potato middle guaranteed to keep you coming back for more. With the perfect amount of salt-to-potato ratio and a generous serving size, Egnaro’s hot chips definitely hold their own. And the best part is they’re cholesterol free, which means you can eat twice as much!

Seoul Salon
Served with a side of tomato sauce and sweet chilli sauce, Seoul Salon encourages customers to dip their chips in both, mixing the two together. The result? A delicious amalgamation of sweet and spicy. The chips themselves are really well-seasoned too;  and coupled with good ol’ fashioned crunch-factor, they make a great lunch time option or mid-afternoon snack.

Market Café
For a modern take on the classic chip, Market Café relies on simple flavours and mild seasoning to get the job done. Served in a trendy fry basket with a touch of green garnish, these little guys are lightly fried and thick cut, making them a good side dish for many of Market Café’s hot lunches.

Wilson & Market
While Wilson & Market are yet to open their doors, we can assure you Paul Wilson has some pretty awesome chips coming your way. How do triple cooked chips served with seasonal relish sound? According to Paul, the secret to making the best chips is in the potato, and in this case the russet potato is the go-to choice because of its low sugar content. These little guys are going to be super popular, so be sure to make a mental note to try them as soon as Wilson & Market opens its doors.



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