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Spring Lamb, Asparagus and a few surprises with the ATeam

Ah, Spring. We were ready for this one, right?

It was with great glee that we gathered this months’ bag of goodies for our A-Teamers, picking for them some of the new finds of Spring.

In went a beautiful rack of grass raised Victorian lamb, and some thick, juicy greenest-of-green spears of Asparagus.  We couldn’t resist the cutest organic mini-pineapples grown in Queensland, often thought of as a summer fruit yet their season starts now.  The minis are almost too cute to eat! (Almost).  To keep our ATeam on their toes we also popped in some dried Inca-Berries, a sweet-sour flavoured little delight.

We also welcomed a new ATeamer this month with Sarah from Sarah Cooks taking part, alongside Jo from Second Helping. Regular ATeam player Iron Chef Shellie sends her regards, she is off travelling (check out her instagram for Iceland inspo!)

What a fresh, tasty collection they’ve sent through.  From healthy starts, to weekday cooking to seriously treat-worthy, our ATeamers are such a clever bunch.  We love that the recipes are all so easy to make at home, so you’ll be adding these to your weekly rotation in no time.

Extra kudos to them for the healthy creativity with Inca Berries – granola is such perfect for warmer-weather eating and what a great way to change it up!

See you at the Market.



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