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Prahran Market gets cheeky

World renowned Spencer Tunick is photographing nudes on Chapel Street and we’re celebrating with our own wonky looking nudes.

We’ve all heard about the cheeky photoshoot happening on a nearby carpark rooftop in a couple of weeks. We decided to welcome Spencer Tunick to the area by celebrating some of our own who “dare to bare”. That is, real, fresh fruit and vegetables in their not-so-perfect glory.  If you’ve visited the Market this week, you might have noticed the posters in the Market and around the area.

We had a chat with Margery Welles of Paddlewheel about the Market getting cheeky – you can watch that over here.

Why does this matter? It’s estimated that around one third of all food produced is lost or wasted each year globally. In Australia around 4 million tonnes of food waste goes to landfill each year. One of the big drivers of food waste in our system is the pristine cosmetic standards around the fruit and vegetables we buy – we expect things to look a certain way. This means that a lot of the food grown never even makes it to the shelves.

At the Market, our food waste is minimal. Any good surplus produce after a week of trading is donated to our food rescue partner Second Bite for people in need around Melbourne, and we’ve been doing so for many years. Some organic waste is inevitable at the Market and to address this we have our own dehydration machine. This takes all organic waste (from fish carcasses and coffee grounds to spoiled fruit and vegetables) and we turn this into high grade soil food.  In May alone, we recycled a total of 8.0 tons of organics into 1.2 tons of garden fertiliser.  This stuff is gold for home gardens, so make sure you grab some on your next visit!  You’ll find the recyclable bags on display in our Market Square, yours for a gold coin donation, which contributes to the running costs of the dehydrator.

So let’s get behind our fresh, tasty but sometimes a little odd looking fruit and vegetables, and support our farmers by shopping locally at Prahran Market.

See you at the Market!

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