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Sourced and Seasoned: Corned Beef with White Sauce

If you, like us, jump at any chance to dust off the slow-cooker, then you’ll love the next instalment of ‘Sourced and Seasoned’ by contributor Hungry Bear Grazing: Corned Beef with White Sauce.

Affordable and tasty, the flesh of the beef is infused with plenty of seasonal flavours during the slow-cooking process, making it deliciously tender. If you love a no-fuss recipe that feeds the whole family, this is it!

This vibrant pink corned beef features a selection of fresh, seasonal ingredients and is the perfect family meal this winter! 

Corned beef has English origins and is essentially beef cured in a salt brine. The cooking process infuses the cut of beef with an assortment of flavour, making it deliciously tender. Safe to say, it’s a no fuss recipe that everyone will love!

This recipe is Sourced and Seasoned thanks to Prahran Market; beef from Neil’s Meats and produce from two of my favorites, Pino’s/Reliable Fruit

P.S If you have leftovers be sure to have a beef and pickle sandwich the next day, absolutely DELISH! Happy cooking xx

Renée Drochmann


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